Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Rohingya Muslims Plight

The atrocities wreaked on the Rohingya community in Myanmar speak volumes but the international organization, Human right activists and the Muslim states are in deep slumber. The role of OIC and the Saudi-led military alliance is question mark. Does the UN will gauge the Rohingya issue according to the resolution of UN charter? Ironically, UN resolutions never bring peace in Muslim war torn countries and never advocated the distressed Rohingya. Which shows that the flag-bearer of peace is outdated when we relate it to the Palestine, Kashmir, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.?

The recent Amnesty International report claimed that actions by Myanmar’s military may constitute crimes against humanity.

The influx of refugee to Bangladesh last year shows that almost 50000 refuges seek asylum and now Bangladesh try to sop refugees crossing the border during the last three months. The ministerial level talk between Bangladesh and Myanmar shows that they were much talkative about how to stop the continued influx but none of the state accepts the identity of this community.

The Nobel laureate PM of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi atrocities is in peak and the international media, human right forums and the Muslim world should stand to help the hapless people. The title of Nobel laureate should be taken in order to prove that the award is based on pragmatic approach not conjecture.

The OIC and Saudi-led Military alliance should take a step to bring this stalemate into mainstream and advocate the issue in UN forum.

Ihtisham ul haq
Lecturer Chemistry
BIS Dammam Saudi Arabia.

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