Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Khalid Was a Symbol of Pride


Life is a curious mixture of tears and cheers it has no boundary to end sometimes it becomes long and at a times it becomes very short, there is crust and trough in life which makes more colorful and panic of life, what shocked we have got what incident which happened what decimation which occurred in Chitral only God knows we are speechless , no word to say no sentence to make no sense to use, whenever I want to catch the past form (was, were,) for the dearest Khalid the words go far away from me and I turn out to hang the fingers stop working the beat of heartbeats erratically the organs of the body cried to stop writing. What a reprobate journey is this how unfeasible things become possible how uncertain desire becomes accepted and how strong we human being still we are laughing still we are doing jokes still we are connecting with life; you know what we have lost. Government have lost an honest officer, poets have lost a renowned poet, Lawyers have lost a proud lawyer, Judges are no more connected with endowed Judge, Parents have lost duteous son, sisters have lost trusted brother, brothers have lost a well known representative, unfortunate wife has lost a proud partner and the beat of Khalid (MULKHON KHALID) has lost each and everything. Still it is bearable still they are spending life without Khalid, this is the custom of the world only we are here to accept, day before yesterday I was talking to my friend Abdullah Shahab on the subject of the unbearable grief by taking long breath. I told that we should disconnect all those lines which are connected with Khalid and we must forget him, he is just like stranger for us we should not keep more relationship with him. I got the answer (pagel) we are spiritual people and it is fact we are connected with his sole how can we forget of all those moments which we have spent with Khalid then I kept myself in silent mood, It is sure that we have now started our friendship with Khalid and it can be one way of friendship. There are some proverbs which directly go to Khalid, Death keeps no calendar yes we observed it practically it happened so, there is no medicine against death, hundred percent sure there is nothing to stops the death when time comes nothing can stop you who so ever you are must have to embraced with death, death meets us everywhere it is also true it does not mean whether you are affiliated with the place or not it does not mean at all that you belong to Chitral, death comes to you the same place where you have grown up, no it happens everywhere and every time. Now we don’t have words to say only we need to run after things which are a painkiller, which removed the pain which removes the burden. Thousands of books can be written on one quality of Khalid, he was a great and multi-talented personality, man of strong enthusiastic, it happens with greatest people who bloom soon and die young, Khalid sir was one of them, over the last few days what we observed what we imagined, personally it makes me proud that I am one among those wishers, I feel proud to write that I am sharing my decrepit perception with people regarding a brave son and great officer. Request to all wishers to pray more and more for the departed soul and every soul in heaven shall bend the knee.

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