Sunday, October 17, 2021

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Korumghar started its “free ride to Hospital service” for Female students.

CHITRAL: The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word safe, reliable and affordable public transport. Be it working men or women or university or school going students, everyone finds it difficult to get public transport that provides all these qualities.
Surprisingly, no one ever thought about shopping while sitting at home in just the cost of a phone call. In such a crippling situation Chitral found a service provider for just a rupee of no value. It seems like the light on a dark night.
Korumghar is a ride-hailing and online shopping service aims to provide Chitrali public transport a revolution. Helping you save up on your limited resources of time and money. It makes you hassle-free to drive, waste money on your daily commute through the nerve-racking and demography and broken bone road conditions and relieves you from uncomfortable public transport rides.
We cannot deny the complicated demography and weak communication networks and internet services issues in Chitral have made it difficult for the company to gain customers’ trust in this market place. However, this has not stopped the local entrepreneurs to explore the unexplored. Korumghar is one such company.
After their Phenomenal services in Chitral, City Korumghar is now expanding its services to other parts of Chitral Like Booni and Drosh. Korumghar has recently launched the “Free Ride to Hospital” service for Female students living in Hostels in Chitral Town.

The Promo of Free Hospital Service by Korumghar – Photo Korumghar

Talking to our correspondent CEO Korumghar Raeeszada Noor Zaman said “as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Korumghar will work for the benefit of society at large. It is our duty as a society member and every individual has to perform to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem. In two years of our service’s operations”. He further added that “I personally witnessed many female students unbalance health conditions which cost them high sum. Korumghar will help such students in reaching out to hospitals and will not charge for the service”.

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